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  Tamuz 1, 5780 , 23/06/20

Cautious optimism for world's first passive immunization treatment

Doctors at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem are cautiously optimistic after the first treatment anywhere in the world of a severely ill coronavirus patient by means of passive immunization. Developments are being followed with great interest around the world.

Whereas active immunization (such as most vaccines) typically involves injection with a small dose of pathogen that activates anitbodies in the recipient, passive immunization involves injecting antibodies directly into the recipient.

At Hadassah Hospital, recovered coronavirus patients were encouraged to donate blood. That blood contained coronavirus antibodies that have now been injected into the sick patient.

The young woman who received the passive immunization showed lungs on a CT scan that were completely white, a sign that she was critically ill. Every possible treatment had been tried without success. After injection of the Covid-19 antibodies, she has started showing small signs of improvement and doctors are hoping that she will recover.

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