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  Adar 29, 5780 , 25/03/20

Coronavirus pandemic: 'Children's prayer will open the gates'

The rabbis of the Religious Kibbutz Movement called on members to join in the fast declared by the Chief Rabbinate.

The rabbis noted that "it's a time of crisis for Jacob" and initiated a mass children's prayer which will be held simultaneously at 23 kibbutzim and moshavim at 4 pm, led by a rabbi in his community through the Zoom application. The rabbis added the hope that "children's prayer will open the Gates of Heaven" and added a few chapters of Psalms and prayers to the afternoon prayer.

Religious Kibbutz secretary Amitai Porat added: "At this time everyone is mobilizing and now it's the children's turn to try and help with prayer. We're happy and excited to discover more and more communities that don't belong to the Movement joining the children's prayer. With G-d's help together we'll get through this."

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