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  Adar 19, 5780 , 15/03/20

Permitted for publication: Hamas ran female Israeli civilian as agent

It has been allowed for publication that the General Security Service and Israel Police in recent weeks exposed Hamas activity in the Gaza Strip operating a female Israeli civilian as an organization operative.

On February 17, 2020, a 31-year-old Israeli woman, Ayia Khatib, married with 2 children, a resident of Arara village in Wadi Ara, was arrested for interrogation by GSS.

Her GSS investigation revealed that Muhammad Pilpel, 29, a resident of Beit Lahiya and Mahmoud Halua 32-year-old resident of Jabalya, were both active in the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Islamic organization and recruited her for Hamas.

The two recruited Khatib, who engaged in humanitarian activities for those in need in the Gaza Strip, to finance hostile Islamic operations and infrastructure, carrying out missions for Hamas and subsequently gathering security intelligence to promote hostile activities against Israeli targets. Communication between Khatib and her two operators was performed secretly.

Khatib handed the Hamas operatives hundreds of thousands of shekels while scamming aid organizations and innocent civilians who donated funds with the aim of helping patients and the needy and utilizing the plight of patients who were granted permits for humanitarian medical treatment and business activity for residents of the Gaza Strip.

Part of the money that Khatib transferred to her Hamas operators was clearly for hostile operations, including helping to build tunnels, build a lathe, and erect structures for Hamas' ongoing operations.

In addition, Khatib handed Hamas equipment for the regular use of Hamas operatives in the organization's military arm, and even looked at options for transferring additional sensitive equipment that could be used to build tunnels and to observe IDF forces.

The findings of the GSS investigation indicate that Khatib also provided information for Hamas, including information about IDF troop movements during one of the fighting rounds with the Gaza Strip.

A prosecutor's statement and an indictment against Khatib will be filed in Acre Magistrate's Court in the coming days.

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