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  שבט 10, 5779 , 16/01/19

"The time has come to add Petah Tikva to the tourism map"

Petach Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg hosted Tourism Minister Yariv Levin on Wednesday.

"The mayor noted that there is no doubt that the time has come to integrate Petah Tikva into the local tourist map and to connect it to the city's light rail system, which will allow easy access to Tel Aviv and from there to the city of Petah Tikva and the beaches in the area. "

Greenberg added that the tourism minister said that his office would assist in urban tourism projects in light of Petah Tikva's very impressive development.

During the meeting, it was noted that the recreation centers in the city are growing and that it is important to continue bringing more young people so that they will know and be impressed by the change that has taken place in the city.

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