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  Sivan 3, 5778 , 17/05/18

Public Security Minister: The Nakba march has completely failed

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has slammed the voices in Israeli society that are adopting Hamas' point of view regarding events on the Gaza border. Interviewed by Israeli public radio, he said, "There are certainly voices in Israeli society, and it is very unfortunate that they criticize and buy Hamas lies about hudna [military calm -ed.] and other things that Hamas is spreading."

Using the Arabic word for catastrophe to describe this week's march by hostile Arabs to mark the founding of the state on the civil calendar, Erdan said, "The Nakba march failed completely, "No one was hurt in the Gaza vicinity and the diplomatic damage was minimal. [Britain's] Guardian newspaper will, in any case write a criticism of Israel, no matter how many of the 50 who are killed are Hamas." He noted another public-information obstacle, saying, "There are two billion Muslims in the world, many of whom do not like us, they influence their countries and turn the wheels of criticism on Israel."

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