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  Nissan 30, 5778 , 15/04/18

Israel to Russia: Sale of S300s to Syria crosses a red line

A diplomatic source has told Arutz Sheva that Israel has sent a clear message to Russia in the past 24 hours that the sale of the advanced S-300 missile defense system to the Syrian regime will cross a red line. Russia announced it was considering such a sale, following Friday evening's attack on Syrian chemical weapons sites, in which 31 percent of the United States, British and French missiles were not intercepted by Syria's current system.

The S-300 system could be a very significant upgrade to Syria's air defense, which is now based mainly on purchases from the former Soviet Union, and since then, no country has agreed to sell to Assad - the father or son - an advanced system of this kind. It is not clear whether the Israeli message conveyed could really affect Vladimir Putin and his administration. Recall that in 2016 the Russians renewed the sale of the weapons system to Iran from 2007 which was frozen following the international sanctions imposed on the Iranians.

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