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  Nissan 30, 5778 , 15/04/18

Avi Gabbai: No Supreme Court with power to override it

Chairman Avi Gabbay of the Zionist Union has attacked the government's intention to enact a law that would prevent the Supreme Court from disqualifying laws passed by the Knesset. Interviewed by Israel Defense Forces Radio, he said, "There is no Supreme Court with an override clause. This is simply Yisrabluff, an Israeli patent that does not hold water."

Referring to freshman Jewish Home Party Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich, Gabbay called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "to act as prime minister. That's what you were elected for. Stop following Samotrich. Unfortunately, Samotrich, whose party yesterday painted the judges of the High Court of Justice as Hamas terrorists who fire missiles at Israel is the real prime minister. He initiates, navigates and determines. All the extremist decisions begin with him, continuing with [Jewish Home Chairman Naftali] Bennett that resonates with them, and ends with the dragging of Netanyahu, who is simply afraid of the 'Bais' [sarcastic Ashkenazi pronunciation of Bayit Yehudi, Hebrew for Jewish Home -ed]."

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