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  Adar 26, 5778 , 13/03/18

Report: Israel throws away a third of its food output

The head of the Leket Israel organization, whose goal is to save food and deliver it to the needy, has called on relevant government ministries to initiate a national program that will work to reduce food loss and promote the enactment of a law to encourage and save food.

According to the organization's third annual report, 2.3 million tons of food, worth 19 billion shekels, is thrown into the trash each year, representing about a third of the food production in the economy. The report says that saving 470,000 tons of lost food a year, which constitutes about 20% of the amount of food lost in Israel, would satisfy Israel's needy population. Leket Israel saved 15,500 tons of vegetables and fruit this year and 2.3 million cooked meals worth 150 million.

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