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  Tishrei 29, 5778 , 19/10/17

Quebec bans face veils for gov't service recipients

The Canadian province of Quebec will ban face coverings for people giving or receiving provincial government services under a law passed Wednesday in its parliament.

While the law, which will take effect in July 2018, does not specify which face coverings are prohibited, the public debate has focused on the niqab worn by some Muslim women, which covers everything but the eyes.

People affected by the law would include public-sector employees such as teachers, police officers, and hospital workers.

Quebec premier Phillipe Couillard defended the decision, which has been challenged by human rights organizations,stating that "for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face.We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It's as simple as that."

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