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  Sivan 24, 5777 , 18/06/17

Margalit: I will sit with the Arabs in the government

Member of Knesset Erel Margalit, a candidate for the leadership of the Labor Party, said Sunday that he would sit with the predominantly-Arab "Joint List" faction in the same government. The declaration is a deviation from the long-standing policy of the Labor Party not to sit with the hostile Arab parties in the same government, but rather to rely on them as part of a parliamentary safety net.

In a panel on the i24 network, Margalit stated that he would not sit with MKs Hanin Zoabi and Basel Ghattas because they "removed themselves from the equation." He mentioned, however, the names of MK Dov Khenin and Ayman Odeh as someone who would sit next to them in a future government. Margalit said, "I do not agree with their positions exactly, but ...," when the panelists interrupted him. "Ayman Odeh is the leader of the party and he represents Arabs who want to be part ...," he said, without completing the sentence. He added, however, "I will not let them lead anything."

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