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  כסלו 30, 5763 , 05/12/02

Maariv: Ginosar Handled Monies for Arafat

(IsraelNN.com) According to a report published today by Maariv, Yossi Ginosar, an ex-secret service officer, who was former Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s special envoy to Yasser Arafat, was also handling monies on behalf of the PLO leader and PA negotiator Mohammad Rashid. According to the report, the monies that passed through Ginosar’s hands on behalf of Arafat reached the sum of up to 300 million dollars, and were deposited in a secret account in Switzerland. The monies were supposedly intended for the use of the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority, but ended up being moved out of the Swiss banks to unknown destinations. The transfers were carried out, according to Maariv, with sizable profits for the Israelis involved.

An associate of Ginosar, businessman Azrad Lev, who exposed the corruption in the media told Isreal Radio, “There were kickbacks for the transfers.” On the other hand, when the monies were disappearing from the Swiss accounts, Lev claims, he and Ginosar were surprised and did not know where the money was going. Azrad Lev was quoted as saying, “I came to realize that as the occupation corrupts, so too does the peace process.”
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