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  טבת 27, 5776 , 08/01/16

B'Tselem tries to justify executing Arabs who sell to Jews

The purported human rights organization B'Tselem has expressed its support for Ezra Nawi, who was filmed admitted to informing about Palestinians who sell property to Jews so that the PA kills them.

"When he learns that a Palestinian citizen of Israel pretends to be a real estate salesperson and proposes to sell land... he reported it to the Palestinian authorities. This is the only legitimate channel for a Palestinian, given that Israeli authorities do not defend Palestinian landowners in the area from settlers taking over their land."

The alleged crime that is being reported is selling property to a Jew, which is illegal under the Palestinian Authority.

The organization added that it "opposes all torture and all executions,... whether they are done by Shin Bet cellars or in the Palestinian Authority," but did not comment on the fact that the sales are reported with the intention of causing the seller's death.

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