News Briefs

  10/23/2002, Cheshvan 17, 5763

12 Years Since the Assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane

( Thursday marks 12 years since the assassination of former MK Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was shot to death by an Arab terrorist during a New York City speaking engagement. He was murdered on 18 Cheshvan on the Jewish calendar.

At 4:30pm on Thursday, a graveside memorial service will be held in Jerusalem's Har Menuchot cemetery followed by a memorial event at 6:30pm, in the Gutnick Center in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul neighborhood (11 HaDfus Street).

Rabbi Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League, moved to Israel we he continued to gain popularity, earning a Knesset seat. His Kach Party was eventually declared illegal, labeled as a "racist party", making him ineligible to run for future terms in the Knesset despite his growing popularity and polls showing he would have earned a minimum of 12 seats in the parliament.