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  אב 29, 5774 , 25/08/14

Carjacking at Knifepoint in Samaria

In yet another carjacking incident in Samaria, a resident of Karnei Hashomron was driving his car along Route 55 near Kfar Laqif, when he was jacked at knifepoint by two suspects.

One of the carjackers stood in the middle of the road, while the second stood on the side of the road, so that when the driver slowed down, both jumped him, pulled him violently from the vehicle and took off in the direction of Qalqiliya, leaving the victim lightly injured in one arm.

Police and IDF forces arrived and are questioning him for details.  At the same time, the authorities are combing the area trying to locate the vehicle. An investigation into the matter has been opened.

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