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  סיון 29, 5774 , 27/06/14

MK Zoabi Slammed by Party for Calling Abbas a 'Traitor'

Chairman Wassal Taha of the National Democratic Assembly (at-Tajamuʿ al-Waṭanī ad-Dīmūqraṭī in Arabic-Balad in Hebrew) issued a statement, Friday, expressing his complete opposition to a statement, this week by Member of Knesset Hanin Zoabi that Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority (PA) committed an act of treason through security coordination with Israel in its search for three teens abducted on June 12th in Judea, according to a Friday report by Kol Yisrael government radio. The statement said Zoabi's words did not represent the position of the party.

The statement expressed the party's support for the idea of a PA state, adding that it cherished the PA's diplomatic achievements.

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