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  סיון 24, 5774 , 22/06/14

Netanyahu: Israel's Foes Not Averse to Any Means

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the Jerusalem Media Summit, Sunday, to express his condolences to Fahmi Karakara, an Arab defense contractor from the lower Galilee who was wounded and lost his 15-year-old son in an explosion on the Golan Heights, earlier in the day. Netanyahu said, "Israel's enemies are not averse to using any means, they're not averse to attacking civilians, to kill children, as happened this morning. They don't discriminate between Israel's Jewish and non-Jewish civilians."

Referring to the recent abduction of three yeshiva students in Judea, the prime minister added, "As a people, our heart is torn with the kidnapping of every youth and the murder of every youth and I'm sure I represent everyone when I send my condolences."

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