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  אדר ב 22, 5774 , 24/03/14

Digital Booklet for Following Shemitta Laws in Gardens

The National Shemitta Committee of the Chief Rabbinate, in conjunction with the Religious Services Ministry issued a digital notebook in Hebrew, Sunday, to help people with gardens obey the sabbatical year for the land which starts this fall. The booklet was written by Rabbi Ya'akov Ariel of Ramat Gan, who serves as chairman of the committee, in cooperation with rabbis of the Institute for Torah and the Land (Machon Hatorah vehaaretz) and an agronomist from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The book opens with general Jewish law regarding the Shemitta year, followed by sections dealing with grass, plants and trees, as well as preparations for activities for planting near the end of the Shemitta year. To view the book, click on the link at the end of the Hebrew article.

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