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  אדר ב 8, 5774 , 10/03/14

Court Rejects Missionary Lawsuit Against Netanya Schools for Voiding Lease

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court has rejected a claim by a missionary group, saying that the school they had been renting space in unlawfully voided their contract, and asking the court to instruct the school to pay NIS 108,000 in compensation and mental anguish, as well as legal expenses.

It began when a missionary group, via a non-profit organization called "Mitzpe L'Yisrael", rented space at the Raziel school in Netanya to conduct daily afternoon activities. Shortly after signing the rental agreement, the school authorities discovered that the group was, in reality, the notorious missionary sect of "Jehovah's Witnesses". The school immediately announced it was cancelling the contract.  In response, the missionary group turned to the courts, demanding that the school carry out the contract and pay the NIS 108,000 in damages. 

The Magistrates Court rejected the sect's suit, saying they (the missionaries) knew no school administration would ever have agreed to enter into an contract with them had they not used another organization as a front.

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