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  אדר 18, 5774 , 18/02/14

Rav Bamberger of Metz, z"l, Passes Away

Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Bamberger, who served as the Rabbi of Metz, France and the Dean of the Sha'agas Aryeh Yeshiva (Torah academy), passed away today (Tuesday) following a brief illness.  The Rabbi had suffered a stroke this past December.

Rabbi Bamberger was a member of the Council of European Rabbis, served for decades as the head of the Sha'agas Aryeh Yeshiva, and as Rabbi and Av Beis Din (head of the Rabbinical court) of the Jewish community of Metz. He is also known for his work in kashrut (kosher certification), and whose certification is accepted by the majority of hareidi Jews throughout Europe.

The Rabbi's funeral will take place tonight in Metz, and tomorrow his coffin is expected to arrive for burial in Jerusalem.


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