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  אדר 10, 5774 , 10/02/14

'Battle of the Knives' - Israel vs. France

This week's 'French Food Week', sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and the French Embassy, opened with a baking competition. Minister of Tourism Uzi Landau and French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave arrived this morning (Monday) to the Tadmor Culinary School, rolled up their sleeves, and joined into the 'Battle of the Knives' between the Israeli and the French cooking students. 

The task assigned to the French team, headed by MK Landau was to bake Shabbat challot (braided egg bread for the Sabbath), and the Israeli team, headed by Ambassador Maisonnave, had to prepare French baguettes.

Judging the competition was France's Head Chef Guillaume Gomez, who is visiting Israel this week as part of French Gastronomy Week.  Gomez was the chief chef at the Elysee Palace, as well as head chef to three other presidents.

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