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  כסלו 28, 5774 , 01/12/13

Hebrew U to Pay $300K for Copyright Infringement

The Jerusalem District Court has approved an agreement between the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and two publishers.  The mediated agreement was reached between the University, Schocken Books (which publishes Haaretz), and Bialik Publications. The agreement is thought to be a considerable achievement as it contains the recognition that most of the principles that Israeli academic institutions have developed in their 'Code of Fair Use Practices'.

The publishers have agreed that fair use includes digital excerpts from online books and articles by registered students with ID numbers and password. All parties have recognized that the use of a full article or 20% of a book constitutes fair use, and that Hebrew University would seek permission for use that exceeds these limits.

The agreement was mediated after the Hebrew University was sued for copyright infringement in the amount of NIS300,000 (approximately US$85,000) to cover the Publishers' legal expenses and to settle the claims that use had exceeded what was delineated as 'fair use'. However, the University has not conceded liability.

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