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  כסלו 24, 5774 , 27/11/13

Jewish Group Faces Scrutiny for Homeschooling

A small Jewish group is facing scrutiny from Quebec authorities for home-schooling their children, the group's representatives stated. The group moved from Quebec to another location in Canada this week to avoid mandatory requirements to teach all home-schooled children evolution and other subjects incorporated as part of a core curriculum, stated Nachman Helbrans a member of the Lev Tahor organization. 

Helbrans conducted a video interview with the Windsor Star on Sunday in which he stated, "in Quebec the law states that each child recieves equal regulations under home-schooling and they interpret that as stating that a child must be able to return to a school at any day. So they have to study exactly all the curriculum as in school." He added they feared the judge would force the children to be assigned to foster families or in group homes as a result.

The close-knit group of about 200 men, women and children dress in an "Amish" style of black clothing, head scarfs and black hats and have recieved extensive media coverage over what authorities fear is cult-like behavior, child abuse, unsanitary living conditions, and extremist beliefs.

Earlier this month the Provence of Quebec moved to ban all outward symbols of religious beliefs for government employees. This would include kippot, headscarfs, necklaces with religious symbols, turbans, and other items.

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