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  כסלו 1, 5774 , 04/11/13

Chief Rabbinate: Coordinating Religion and State

The Chief Rabbinate today (Monday) convened their first meeting since the Rabbinate’s recent elections. One of the major issues discussed was the recent wave of government legislation with regards to religion which has taken place over the past few weeks.

The Rabbinate has asked Deputy Minister of Religious Services Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan to ensure that any proposed bills or legislation relating to Jewish heritage and Judaism that comes under rabbinical supervision – issues of religion and State – only be accepted with the approval of the Chief Rabbis and the Chief Rabbinical Council.

The Rabbis welcomed the Deputy Minister’s decision on the Conversion Law which passed in yesterday’s session of the Ministerial Legislative Committee, which said the ministers had decided to allow the measure to advance only with coordination and agreement on wording by Rabbi Ben Dahan, who must reach first an agreement with Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, the Justice Ministry and the Interior Ministry.

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