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  חשון 30, 5774 , 03/11/13

Rabbi Nachteiler Welcomes Bennett's Efforts at Wall

Rabbi Benny Nachteiler, the chief executive officer of the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva Center, explained, Sunday evening, his granting permission to girls in the movement's high schools to participate in a protest by hareidi-religious women and seminary girls in a protest against the new-moon observance by the non-Orthodox Women of the Wall group. Calling the protest a request "to peacefully return the Wall to its appropriate place," he said, "We were not active and did not initiate any activity whatsoever on the matter, other than to update the principals."

Responding to reports that the permission had angered Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett, who has tried to arrange a solution, Rabbi Nachteiler stressed, "We welcome Minister Naftali Bennett's efforts to arrange an agreement which will return peace to the remnants of our Temple and distance from it the flame of controversy and needless hatred."

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