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  תשרי 27, 5774 , 01/10/13

Malmo Rabbi: We Will Continue to Keep Jewish Law

Rabbi Shneur Kesselman, Rabbi of the Jewish community in Malmo, Sweden, expressed his hopes that the proposed ban against circumcision will not go through, but stated that, “We will continue to maintain Jewish traditions, law or no law.”

In an interview with the Hassidic newspaper, Hamevasser, Rabbi Kesselman said that if the bill should pass it would mainly affect the Muslim population, as the Jewish population in Sweden is very small relative to the general population.  And, of course, that Jews will give up their lives rather than disobey the commandment of circumcision.

“We all hope that the bill will not pass.  But we will continue to maintain Jewish practices no matter what,” Rabbi Kesselman reiterated.

Rabbi Kesselman also runs the local Chabad House.

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