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  תשרי 18, 5774 , 22/09/13

Bennet Seeks Steps in Response to Shooting

Minister Naftali Bennett asked Cabinet Secretary Avi Mandelblit, Sunday evening, to approve, immediately, the entry of Jews who bought apartments in Beit Hamachpelah, next to the Me'arat Hamachpelah Cave of the Patriarchs. Responding to the critical wounding of an Israeli soldier in the city, he said, "We know how to build and settle, not to kill. This is the appropriate Zionist response."

In a letter to members of the diplomatic-security cabinet, Bennett demanded a renewed discussion on the release of terrorists. Responding to Sunday's shooting and the weekend murder of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Sergeant Tomer Hazan, he wrote, "Under the cover of celebrations of negotiations, the Sukkot [Tabernacles] festival has become one of blood and IDF casualties. Since the release of terrorists was define at the outset as dependent on negotiations, there is no doubt that there are, unfortunately, developments since the beginning of the negotiations that require the government to calculate its path again. The answer to terrorism should be a war on murderers and not dialogue with those who encourage murderers."

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