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  8/6/2013, Av 30, 5773

Celebrated Hebrew Language Genius Passes at Age 106

The award-winning Israeli linguist Prof. Ze'ev Ben-Haim passed away in Jerusalem on Tuesday at the age of 106. Prof. Ben-Haim was the second president of the Academy of the Hebrew Language. He also worked closely with the celebrated Israeli poet Chaim Nachman Bialik. Prof. Ben-Haim founded the Historical Dictionary Academy and was a recipient of both the prestigious Israel Prize and the Rothschild Prize. He published numerous articles and books, including a five-volume work translating the tests of the Samaritans into Hebrew and Aramaic.

Born in Galicia, a district of Austria-Hungary, Prof. Ben-Haim earned rabbinical ordination at a yeshiva. He also earned a Ph.D for his study of the ancient Nabataean language. He left Europe and moved to the Land Of Israel in 1933, thus escaping World War II and the Holocaust.