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  Tamuz 8, 5773 , 16/06/13

Eish Kodesh Mother Arrested After Wheat Field Protest

Mati Blumberg, a resident of Eish Kodesh, was arrested on Sunday for protesting against residents of the Palestinian Authority harvesting wheat fields in close proximity with a combine harvester and other machinery. The PA residents were protected by Israeli security officials who were sent to ensure there were no incidents. Eish Kodesh resident Hela Manne told Arutz Sheva news that the wheat fields are a 5-minute walk from her house and pose a security risk. "It reminds me of the Fogel family massacre," she stated, "when the they came to harvest olive trees, they were really on a surveillance mission to view the homes in Itamar," she said. Five members of the Fogel family including children and an infant were stabbed to death in their sleep by terrorists who a broke into the community from a neighboring PA community.

Manne said she saw about six police officers enter Blumberg's home on Sunday morning to arrest her. Manne complained to the officers that Blumberg's one and a half year old son is currently sick with a heart ailment. Manne also told Arutz Sheva news that the residents of Eish Kodesh have filed numerous complaints to the police about PA residents attacking Eish Kodesh residents with rocks and destroying vineyards and other crops. She stated that the legal status of the wheat fields are currently being debated in court and have yet to be officially ruled state land or private property owner by PA residents.

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