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  Tamuz 3, 5773 , 11/06/13

Are Your Bourkeas Dairy? New Rabbinate Kosher Guidlines

Israel's Chief Rabbinate announced they are requesting pastry makers to expand their existing procedure on how they separate dairy and parve products. Bourekas, the popular Israeli pastry, comes with many fillings such as potato, cheese, spinach, etc. Although it has become traditional for cheese boruekas to be triangle shaped as opposed to rectangular, an unsuspecting consumer might inadvertently eat a dairy pastry when expecting it to be parve. The consuming of dairy and meat products within a close time frame is considered unkosher. The Chief Rabbinate is therefore pushing for bakeries to require all cheese bourekas to be a uniform triangle shape. The Chief Rabbinate stated they received many complains regarding the issue, especially in regards to pre-packages bakery products in which the packaging for dairy and non-dairy baked goods appear identical. Complaints also occurred for open air market bakeries and grocery stores in which freshly baked dairy products may be sitting on a rack adjacent to identically-looking non-dairy products. The Chief Rabbinate is in charge of overseeing that foods with a kosher stamp of approval fall under the strict guidelines of kashrut.

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