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  Sivan 28, 5773 , 06/06/13

2.5 Metric Tons of Rotten Meat Destroyed at Gimzo

Veterinary and rabbinic officers teamed up, Thursday, to destroy 2.5 metric tons (about 5,500 pounds) of rotten and contaminated meat at a packing house in the cooperative community of Gimzo, not far from Ben-Gurion Airport, southeast of Tel Aviv. Responding to reports about suspicions regarding the meat coming from the packing house, the veterinary officer of the Hevel Modi'in Regional Council went to the packing house where he saw labels declaring the meat to be kosher, whereupon he called the enforcement unit for kashrut-fraud of the Chief Rabbinate, which told him that the owner said the meat was intended for dogs and therefore did not need the labels.

An inspection of the place where the meat was stored showed there was no supervision and that the meat was rotten and contaminated. The veterinary officer decided it was not even fit for dogs and destroyed it with chemicals. The Chief Rabbinate reminded consumers and merchants not to buy meat and poultry products from unknown, undocumented sources, and not to be tempted by unreasonably low prices.

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