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  Sivan 18, 5773 , 27/05/13

Sun Mobilized to Fight Agricultural Pests

With the official start of summer in a few weeks, farmers in the Arava area between the Dead Sea and Eilat will take advantage of idle time for a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of fields and greenhouses, ahead of the fall growing season. This includes "solar disinfecting", which involves laying thin plastic sheeting on the ground, raising the temperature underneath to 60Celsius/140Fahrenheit and destroying pests, diseases and weeds. The plastic is recycled after the process.

While the sun is working on the fields, the farmers are renovating greenhouses, doing other tasks they did not get to during the year and taking vacation. At the center of the cleaning and disinfecting of the greenhouses is the use of biological means, such as the introduction of the natural predators of the pests.

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