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  Sivan 12, 5773 , 21/05/13

Defense Minister Calls al-Dura Video a "Blood Libel"

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon commented on the new government report regarding the Mohammed al-Dura shooting incident. He compared the case to a "blood libel." Minister Yaalon gave the example of the French terrorist in Toulouse, who had stated the al-Dura video motivated him to murder Jewish civilians.

An edited version of a video was broadcast on French TV in the year 2000 showing the crying 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura in his father's arms. Upon examination, the full unedited footage shows the boy's legs moving after the alleged shooting. Further forensic studies indicated that the position of the Israeli soldiers on the scene would have made it impossible for them to have been the ones who shot at the father and son.

Blood libels were false accusations against the Jewish community in Europe during the Middle Ages. Some non-Jewish residents would blame the death of a child on Jewish residents, often accusing them of consuming blood. Blood is not kosher according to Judaism and all meat is drained and salted to remove blood traces.

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