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  Sivan 11, 5773 , 20/05/13

Perry C'tee Considers Treating No-Shows as Deserters

The Perry Ministerial Committee on Equal Burden of Service is tending to recommend that a hareidi-religious Jew who does not report for induction by treated as a deserter under the Security Service Law, according to a Monday-morning report by the Yisrael Hayom daily. The committee is charged with formulating legislation to replace the Tal Law, which regulated hareidi enlistment until about a year ago, when it was struck down by the Supreme Court, which said it favored the hareidi community.

According to the report, failure to report would bring about a series of sanctions, including denial of Bituach Le'umi (National Insurance) benefits and a ban on foreign travel. It is felt that the committee will not recommend arrests and raids in hareidi neighborhoods. On the other side of the coin, educational institutions whose students are inducted will receive benefits. Hareidim in civilian service who want to work will have their service shortened to allow them to integrate better into the work force.

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