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  Sivan 8, 5773 , 17/05/13

Lapid: Stop Smoking and Lower Your Tax Load

Finance Minister Yair Lapid said, Thursday evening, that people could save hundreds of shekels in tax money by giving up smoking. Addressing a Facebook video chat, he said the savings would come from not paying the increased tax just imposed to help balance the budget. He said the tax imposed on home improvements was "a tax that is not good."

Responding to a hareidi demonstration against recruitment for national service, Lapid said, "Induction is not a[n evil] decree. Sitting here is my son, who enlisted, I enlisted and my second son will enlist. To be part of a state is to serve the state where you live and know how to defend it." He continued, "No one is entitled to say that he is exempt from that. We will not tolerate it. We will achieve the [campaign] promise and there will be equality in [bearing the] burden in Israel."

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