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  Sivan 5, 5773 , 14/05/13

Irgun Hero Yehiel Kadishai Celebrates 90th Birthday

The Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem held a special tribute Monday evening for the 90th birthday of Yehiel Kadishai. Family, friends, judges and public figures took part in the festive event. Kadishai was a member for the ETZEL, or Irgun Zvai Leumi, the underground militia that protected the Jewish community of Israel during the pre-independence days of the British mandate. He is also a veteran of World War II. Kadishai served as the personal secretary for Menachem Begin for approximately 30 years including during Begin's time as Prime Minister of Israel. A book launch for a newly published biography of Kadishai was unveiled at the vent as well. The new book is entitled: His Right Hand by Menachem Michaelson.

Kadishai stated at the event, "Begin used to say, when the enemy says he wants to destroy us, we should believe him and do everything to prevent it. Today, they still want to destroy us, but, thank G-d, we are here, more than six million Jews in Israel. I never would have dreamed of it, praise G-d."

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