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  Sivan 5, 5773 , 14/05/13

Back to All the Mistakes of Old-Style Politics

Opposition Leader Shelly Yechimovich reacted to Monday evening's passage of the 2013-2014 budget by the cabinet by saying, "After all the beautiful words, smiles and promises of new politics, we returned to all the errors of the old politics. Or worse. The prime minister, finance minister and the entire cabinet gave the public a ringing slap in the face today."

The Labor party leader continued, "The promises to change priorities and empower the middle working class seemed to melt away, and added to this was the cruel trampling of the poor. The across-the-board cuts added tonight testified, more than anything, to the nature of the new government - a lack of vision, a complete lack of courageous leadership and insensitivity to society. This is a budget that only has decrees and despair, and there is not one engine of growth and hope. We'll lead an all-out public and parliamentary battle, in order to mitigate the harsh decrees for the benefit of the citizens."

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