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  Sivan 4, 5773 , 13/05/13

Yesha Council: PA City in Area C is Absurd

The Yesha Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) responded to a report of a new Palestinian Authority City planned for the Jericho area by saying, "This is the theater of the absurd incarnate." In addition to echoing the sentiments of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, which stands to lose 2,000 dunam/500 acres to the project, the Yesha Council said, "The state of Israel is advancing programs for thousands of dwelling units in Area C [under Israeli security control -ed.] while there are wide sections of Areas A and B [more PA control -ed.] where they can be settled and and they are stopping the tenders for building for Israeli settlement in Area C."

The Yesha Council statement added, "We hope that the prime minister was not aware of these steps and expect that he will fulfill his promise from about half a year ago to put contracts out to bid in our cities and communities."

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