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  Iyar 21, 5773 , 01/05/13

Gov't Pledges Conscription Won't Curb Torah Study

The ministerial committee on mandatory conscription met Wednesday. The committee is headed by Minister Yaakov Peri (also spelled Perry) of the Yesh Atid party. Minister Peri stated, "regardless of the idiosyncrasies of Hareidi society and way of life, we will make every effort to keep the important value of Torah study."

The committee is finding ways to make conscription into the military mandatory for all Israeli men. Yesh Atid has made conscription one of their main party platforms. The recently cancelled Tal Law allowed full-time yeshiva students to defer army duty.  In exchange for the Tal Law deferment, a student must have been officially enrolled in a yeshiva full time and cannot enter an institution of higher learning or be officially registered a holding a job. Religious females are either exempt or serve in National Service as an alternative. Although there are several fast-growing all-hareidi units of the army, many in the yeshiva community are against conscription.

Both male and female Arab Israelis do not have to serve in the military. Teen celebrities, conscientious objectors, females who are married and / or religious females enrolled in college can sometimes apply for an official draft exemption as well.

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