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  Iyar 14, 5773 , 24/04/13

Police Ban Pascal Lamb from Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Jerusalem police banned the entry of Jewish worshipers seeking to perform the korban ritual on the Temple Mount. Chaim Odem spoke to Arutz Sheva news about the incident. "We did not succeed on Passover, so we thought at least we would try again for Pesach Sheini.

Wednesday marked Pesach Sheini , or Second Passover, which is described in the Torah as a second chance for those who were ritually impure during the regular Passover holiday. Odem said that the paschal lamb that was brought during Passover was arrested and taken into custody. "They seized the lamb and require a 1,000 shekel release fee with an additional 100 shekels being added every day," Odem told Arutz Sheva.

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