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  Iyar 11, 5773 , 21/04/13

Kashrut Alert: Unkashered Chicken Hearts

The Chief Rabbinate issued an alert, Sunday for chicken hearts under the Fleisch label, produced by Hod Chefer Ltd. under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi David Yechiel Werner and the Orthodox Union, which were marked "soaked and salted according to law for the strictly mehadrin" but did not have the blood removed as required. The rabbinate said that to use the hearts, the consumer must open all four chambers and remove the blood and salt or roast it. Those using the method of Rabbi Moshe Isserles have an additional step of removing tissue from the hearts. Those who did not kasher the hearts themselves must ask a rabbi about dealing with the utensils with which they prepared the food.

The rabbinate said the company was prepared to deal with the situation as soon as it was informed of the problem and that retail outlets had to return the goods to the producer.

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