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  Iyar 11, 5773 , 21/04/13

Legal Forum Welcomes Publicizing Ministerial Votes

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel welcomed, Sunday, words by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, that she took a positive view of examining the possibility of publicizing details of votes by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation. Forum head Nachi Eyal said, "Transparency is an essential commodity for democracy and exposure of committee hearings to the light of day will prevent shady deals and make it clear to the public how their representatives voted in laws that are important to it."

Eyal also called on Livni to act for publication of the minutes of the Committee for Selecting Judges on the Website of the Judges' Authority or the Justice Ministry as promised by former justice minister Ya'akov Ne'eman as part of Ne'eman's seven-year struggle on the matter. Eyal said, "Public confidence in the justice system will only increase if it internalizes that the public's right to know extends to the relevant proceedings in law and order."

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