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  Iyar 2, 5773 , 12/04/13

Peres: No Doubt Obama Will Attack Iran if Talks Fail

President Shim'on Peres said, Friday, "I have no doubt that if the diplomatic talks with Iran fail and Tehran does not stop the acceleration of [its] nuclear development, United States President Barack Obama will come out with a military attack on Iran." The assessment was published in Friday's edition of the Yisrael Hayom daily as part of an Independence Day interview that will appear in full on Monday.

Peres also said, "To prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is not only an Israeli interest, but a global and American interest. As long as the U.S. lead - why should we not be helped by it?" He added, "It could be that the Iranians are trying to gain time, but they also lose. The situation in Iran is deteriorating a lot, the economy is collapsing and the people understand this very well."

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