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  Nissan 28, 5773 , 08/04/13

Haifa U. Lecturer Sorry for Comparing Nakba to Shoah

About a month Doctor Ma'ayan Agmon of Haifa University told students in an introductory course on sociology and anthropology, "There are different cultures. The Jews have the Holocaust [Shoah in Hebrew -ed.] and the Arabs have Nakba," the Arabic word for "catastrophe", which hostile Arabs use to describe the establishment of modern-day Israel, Yisrael Hayom reported Monday. One of the students responded by asking how Dr. Agmon could compare six million murdered people to 700,000 "refugees". The lecturer responded, "You must accept that they also went through a holocaust and it would be worth your while to respect that."

After further explanations to students, Dr. Agmon issued an apology that read, "I apologize if my words were misunderstood and somebody was hurt as a result."

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