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  Nissan 27, 5773 , 07/04/13

I'm Israeli Free-Flag Campaign Underway

Youngsters deployed at dozens of intersections around Jerusalem, Sunday, to mark the beginning of the I'm Israeli (Ani Yisraeli) campaign, which adds the words "I'm Israeli, an Israeli week, in hope and together," to thousands of Israeli flags they'll be handing out to motorists around the country for free until next week's Memorial Day/Indepence Day observances. Interviewed by Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service, Chairman Dov Kalmanovich of Victims of Terror and Terrorism said that on Friday, the youth will also be handing out the flags in marketplaces throughout the country.

Responding to the request by some bereaved families to seperate Memorial Day from Independence Day, Kalmanovich said "Memorial Day is a day for all the people of Israel and not a day for the bereaved families, for whom Memorial Day is every day and the price and the pain is daily." He added, "All of the people of Israel unite around the bereaved families." Noting that the observances were put next to each other to show that Israel was not given to its citizens on a silver platter but at a heavy, bloody price, he continued, "The connection between Memorial Day and Independence Day is a vital and important message and should not be broken."

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