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  Nissan 27, 5773 , 07/04/13

Demonstration at Ha'aretz Against Amira Hass

Activists from the Petach Tikva headquarters of the Samaria (Shomron) and Binyamin Residents' Councils demonstrated, Sunday, at the Tel Aviv offices of the Ha'aretz daily in response to a column by the newspaper's Amira Hass, in which she called stone throwing "the right and the duty of anyone living under foreign rule". The demonstrators hung a giant banner on the building which included pictures of infants Yehonatan Palmer, who was killed with his father, when terrorists smashed the windshield of their car in the Kiryat Arba' area of Judea, and Adelle Biton, who has been sedated and on artificial respiration since she was critically wounded in a rock attack near the Samarian city of Ariel.

Passersby expressed their support for the demonstrators and some Ha'aretz workers said Hass did not represent the company's employees. Chairman Benny Katsover of the Samaria Residents' Council said the column encouraged terrorists called on the Attorney General and the police to treat the column seriously and charge Hass with incitement to murder.

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