News Briefs

  4/5/2013, Nisan 25, 5773

Shekel, Dollars, Yen Down; Euro Rises More than Pound

The official value of the shekel declined an average of .27 percent, Friday, in mixed trading against the other featured currencies on the Bank of Israel's foreign-exchange list. The United States dollar was fixed at NIS 3.627, down .11 percent, while the Euro climbed .779 percent to 4.6859 shekels.

The pound sterling was set at NIS 5.5197, up .769 percent, while 100 Japanese yen fell .997 percent to 3.7643 shekels. The Canadian dollar slipped .011 percent to 3.577 shekels while its Australian counterpart was fixed at NIS 3.7789, down .114 percent, and the South African rand rose .968 percent to .3692 shekels.