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  Nissan 16, 5773 , 27/03/13

New Temple Institute Center Features Sacred Vessels

The Temple Institute has opened its new visitors center on Wednesday. Crowds are expected for the Passover vacation. According to the Institute, the new exhibition includes a "highly advanced, state-of-the-art presentation of the Temple-ready sacred vessels created by the Institute, garments of the High Priest, oil-paintings depicting aspects of the Divine service of the Holy Temple and model of the Holy Temple Complex." 
Visitors will also be able to see a scaled-down stone altar, "made in accordance with Torah law, transportable and completely ready for use on the Temple Mount," the organization stated. The Institute is known for the large scale golden menorah located in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Western Wall and its numerous books about the Temple Mount. The new center is located above Yehudah HaLevy stairs in Jerusalem's Old City Jewish Quarter.

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