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  Nissan 16, 5773 , 27/03/13

Passover History Moment: King George's Seder in Jerusalem

In 1822 Nissim Behar, the head of the Alliance Israelite Universelle school system held a Passover seder with George V, who later became the King of England. Prince George and his brother Prince Albert traveled to the Land of Israel and met with the Chief Rabbi and other members of the Jewish community. An article from the Jewish Telegraphy Agency dated December 9, 1928 recalled the event stating, "The Prince expressed himself as deeply impressed by the ceremonies. Nissim Behar supplied the explanations of the service to the distinguished guests who partook of the Passover meal." Today in Jerusalem, Nissim Behar Street is located not too far from King George Avenue.

After becoming King, he was credited with helping Jewish people escape Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Yehudit Ya'avetz, then 12 years old, wrote the King an elaborate letter thanking the King and describing the wartime situation. The letter is currently in the Israeli State Archives and was republished this year. The State archives is currently searching for Ya'avetz or family members.

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