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  Nissan 13, 5773 , 24/03/13

Hareidi Prisoner in Bolivia Seeks Help of Hague Court

Yaakov Ostreicher of Boro Park, New York announced, over the weekend, that he would seek the help of the International Court of Justice in the Hague against Bolivian authorities as his house arrest without charges reached the four-month mark after he was held for a year and a half. Under Bolivian law, a defendant must be released, outright, after 45 days of house arrest.

Ostreicher said the 18 months in jail caused him to suffer from Parkinson's Disease. At the same time, a high-level corruption case was revealed, in which senior officials attempted to blackmail Ostreicher and dispossess him of all his property, according to local media. Ostreicher's attorneys are acting with senior judicial authorities to allow him to stay at the Chabad House in La Paz during Passover so as to observe the holiday properly.

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