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  Nissan 11, 5773 , 22/03/13

MK Lipman: We'll Help Yeshiva Students with Gemara

Rabbi Dov Lipman, a hareidi Knesset member from the Yesh Atid party, claimed, Friday, that the introduction of core academic subjects to hareidi education is not an anti-hareidi act.

Referring to the Daf Yomi program, in which Jews around the world learn a common page of Talmud every day, Rabbi Lipman asked, "Is it anti-hareidi to ask a yeshiva student to study mathematics and engineering? Today's page from Daf Yomi, in the tractate of Eruvin, requires the study of algebra. I am proud to be part of a party that will help yeshiva students to better understand the Gemara they are studying."

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